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    August 17, 2015

    Questions and Answers from our Digital and Social Media Webinar

    The following Q&A is from our recent Digital and Social Media for Membership webinar, originally aired on July 23, 2015

    Membership Consultants recently hosted a webinar entitled Digital and Social Media for Membership, with some great tips on how you can utilize digital and social media for your membership programs. This webinar was very well attended, with great participation and some very specific questions from our attendees. Here are a list of those questions and answers. Feel free to listen to a recording of that webinar and send us any questions that you might have. You can find an on-demand recording of the webinar by clicking here.

    Let us hear from you if you have digital projects that we might be able to help with. For more information about our digital marketing services,  please click here to send us a request.


    Q: What is a “Dark Post"?

    A: A “dark post” is an unpublished status update, link, video, or photo that is hidden from showing up on the organization’s Facebook page as an organic post. Rather, this type of post is only displayed as an ad.